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"Your Vision My mission"

Welcome to Vision Vibrant

Vision and Wellness 

Founded by the Harvard medical school trained and board certified ophthalmologist, Dr. Rebecca Mammo, Vision Vibrant is an ophthalmology practice specializing in the following areas

- General ophthalmology services including retinal exams for diabetes, floaters, flashes, medications ie topemax, plaquenil , hypertension, and hypercholestremia.   

-  Pediatric eye evaluations above age 1 years old 

- Dry eyes syndrome, Sjogren's syndrome

- Consultation for alternative methods of treating chronic eye conditions.

- Routine eye exams

- Glaucoma evaluation and treatment

-  Optical shop (glasses and contact lens)   

- Laser refractive surgery ie ILASIK, LASEK and PRK to finally be able to wake up and not have to worry about putting something on or in your eye to see. 

- Lid rejuvenating procedure for age related changes also known as blepharoplasty.

- ESAC (Empower Sight and Community)  - our goal is to improve access to sight restoring specialized surgeries globally for people unable to afford them