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"Your Vision My mission"

The Blue Nile Project is a non profit organization that has as an objective goal to eleminate cataract as a source of blindness in Ethiopia, where the Blue Nile traces its origin at Lake Tana.  It is incredibly fitting that the word for cataract orignates from the Latin word Cataracta, which means "water fall."  So how great it would be for those of us so priviledged to live in the part of the world where ophthalmologists such as myself can do cataract surgery in 15 minutes, to put a dent in the suffering related to cataract problem by organizing a cataract surgery mission work once a year.  At the same trip, now schedule for February 2014, we will raise fund and complete a 3 mile hike to the Blue Nile waterfall.  If you want to join our trip, or support by donating funds or equpimpent, please email me at